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Scotch Type Steam Boiler

Steam Boilers
scotch type three pass steam boiler

Scotch Type Steam Boiler

Scotch type boilers are fully cylindrical steam boilers with flame – smoke pipe, high efficiency, large water volume. Scotch type boilers, which are designed as liquid and gas fuel, can burn in solid fuel when specially designed.

Scotch type boilers are the most common boiler types used in industrial plants. In addition to industrial plants, low pressure Scotch type steam boilers are used for central system heating applications. Flame – Smoke tube boilers have a large volume of water and can respond rapidly to sudden steam attraction. They are easy to use and suitable for automation. They can be operated without operator control for up to 72 hours in accordance with international norms.

The steam plant consists of boilers and auxiliary equipment where steam is produced. Auxiliary equipment of steam boiler consists of degasser, condensate and water supply system, chimney and combustion unit. The system is generally established as a whole as a project.

Leaving 5 years behind in the boiler and pressure vessels sector, Bkrc Industrial Energy has worked in numerous projects in our country and abroad since its establishment and has produced and installed more than 2,500 Scotch type steam boilers.

We reserve the right to change or cancel the technical information, dimensions and drawings provided in whole or in part without prior notice.

Fuel Types

Solid, liquid and gas fired steam boilers.



Warranty Period

2 years warranty

Quality Certificates


üç geçişli buhar kazanı
scotch type three pass steam boiler
buhar kazanı

Usage Areas

• Petrochemicals
• Electricity generation in thermal power plants (steam turbines)
• Sterilization for pharmaceutical and food industry
• Building materials industry
• Steam heating systems (heating systems)
• Refineries
• Chemical processes
• Food industry
• Sterilization (packaging and food) • Fertilizer industry
• Rubber products and manufacturing
• Building materials industry
• Paper industry
• Wood processing and shaping
It is used in many places.