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Hot Oil Boiler


Hot oil boiler is used in processes where high temperatures are needed in industry. It is manufactured in two different types, lying and upright.


The most important point in hot oil boilers is that they do not remain stagnant. EN 12952 is manufactured to obtain imported steel drawing from interwoven spiral steels in accordance with. It has the necessary combustion cell for good combustion and high efficiency.
Calculated according to en 12952 and TSE K 548 standards.

It saves fuel thanks to Modern design.

Hot oil boiler and its properties:

Hot oil boilers operate at high temperature (300 ° C) and low pressure.
Used used heat conduction oil can be used for a long time.
There is no need to use any conditioning unit in heat conduction oil. Calcification in a cauldron of hot oil, etc. negative effects do not occur.
Heat conduction oil does not cause corrosion in hot oil boiler and system.
Under Normal circumstances, there is no freezing in the installation.
Hot oil boiler heater, hot water, under the flow of boiling water.

Film Temperature In Hot Oil Boilers:

The temperature of a thin layer of oil formed at high temperature in the inner walls of hot oil boiler serpentines is called the oil film temperature. If this thin layer of oil exceeds the permitted temperature, it will accelerate the degradation of the thermal oil and shorten the boiler life, which will cause damage to the inner surface of the pipe.

Our R & D engineers provide this temperature control capacity with computer-aided calculations before each manufacture.
Bkrc hot oil boilers are used safely in industrial plants.

Materials Used In Hot Oil Boiler:

Body sheets: en 10028 P355GH quality special boiler sheet.

Boiler pipes: en 10216-2 DIN 17715 is a European origin seamless steel drawing special boiler pipe certified from DIN 2448 standards.

Flanges: en 10028 P265 GH PN40 Weld-necked flange.

Insulation: 120 kg / m 3 density 100 mm thick rock wool 1 mm galvanized or aluminum for sheet.


You can use fuels of various chemical properties to use different geographical environments and different productions. Suitable for burning Fuel-oil, diesel and natural gas.

Thermal expansion capability with special manufacturing made with Modern welding technologies guarantees service life and Operation Safety.

Hot oil boilers and safety equipment:

1-hot oil output and return temperatures are used with PLC controlled temperature being set.
2-hot oil output and return temperatures can be read and set from the touch screen with the help of digital thermostats.
3-hot oil output digitally controls the burner control time.
4-Digital flue gas safety thermostat
5-oil flow control device (flow switch))
6-operation and safety presostats
7-hot oil output arm functions mechanical safety valve evacuates excess temperature in the boiler or system in a sudden increase in pressure.
8-the oil level of the expansion tank is controlled by mechanical control in the expansion tank.
9-it is for operation thanks to special automation software and is fully controlled at stop times.
10-touch screen automation control panel allows remote access and communication.

Via touch screen and burner, hot oil circulation pumps, oil filling pump, oil Inlet and outlet temperatures, flue gas exit temperature, oil flow, temperature, pump control is showing expansion, according to the conditions and detailed arrangements are made.


Safety Precautions Taken In The Boiler

Hot oil output temperature is controlled by PID controller.
Hot oil return temperature is controlled by digital thermostats.
The hot oil output thermostat is mechanically controlled by the burner.
Digital flue gas safety thermostat
Flow controller
Business presostats
Hot oil output mechanical safety valve to collector evacuates excess pressure to expansion tank in a sudden increase in pressure in boiler or system.
The mechanical float in the expansion tank contacts the filling pump for the addition of oil.


More temperature control.
Operating and maintenance costs are lower
Safer operation due to low operating pressure
Longer life
High yield


Textile Industry
Paper Industry
Chemical Industry
Rubber, Plastics Industry
Soap and detergent industry
Petroleum Industry
Construction Materials
Food Industry
Paint industry
Packaging and printing industry
Oil and mineral oil recycling industry
Leather sector etc.

Optional Equipment:

– Expansion tank

– Thermal oil tank


– Burner

– Circulation pump or pumps

– Complete with electrical panel and fixtures.